Buffet dinner- what a treat!

94689Since I’m in the last few days of study week before my very last 4 xams, we decided to stay in this weekend (so I would get a few hours of reading done:).  But Sat night B’s family took us out for a buffet dinner at ‘The Marriott hotel’ in Surfers- and omg was it amazing!! I’m a very indecicive person, so to be able to have a little bit of everything suited me just fine;) There were everything from prawns, crab, fish, steak, pork, sushi, salads, sides- and a dessert buffet to die for… Yum! The hotel was gorgeous, with a huge pool area within caves and waterfalls.. I told B that when we take our little trip up the coast during the holidays, I would love to stay in a hotel like this:) Probably quit expensive, but because I got food- poisoning (3 days out of 7) during our honeymoon in Thailand last January, I think we deserve a little romantic get- away:) At least Oz is safe when it comes to food, so I don’t need to worry about getting sick again:s Typical my luck though- I ate Thai food for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and made fun of B that had junk food like hamburgers for every meal, and then I managed to get sick…. To say at least, I haven’t felt like Thai food since:s If anybody has any ideas about nice places on the east coast (with the ability go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef)- I would love some tips! High on my list of places I just HAVE to go before we leave Oz in March, are The Great Barrier Reef and Sydney (I mean, people who haven’t been to Oz, might only have heard of the Opera house in Syd, and the Reef, so I kind of have to have been there:p). Time is flying fast, so I have to hurry if I don’t want to miss my chance:)


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