The gold fish…;)

4483-max-manusI’ve always been really sceptic to Norwegian film and TV in general (or everything that’s not made in the US to be honest).. I know it’s judgemental, but every time I’ve tried to watch a Scandinavian, french, italian movie etc, I’ve wind up disappointed, so I just pretty much gave up. But apparently, Norway seems to have improved a lot the last few years since I’ve been gone. I watched a movie called ‘Max Manus’ when I was home over summer, (a movie based on a true story about a Norwegian man who helped defend Norway against the Germans during WW2), and it was brilliant!himmelbl%C3%A5 I was positively surprised:) A few weeks ago, my friend ML received a package from her family with a new Norwegian TV- series called ‘Himmelblaa’. After almost all our friends down here had seen the 2 seasons, I promised to give it a try it even though I was sceptic… I absolutely LOVED it!! It seems that the days of bad TV and movies in Norway are over for my part:)

 When it comes to Norway, I find that we have REALLY good TV commercials though- we even have an award show every year for the best commercials! (Gullfisken). Commercials in Norway tend to be funny and sometimes corny, but here in Oz, almost all commercials have a stupid song with the phone number of the business implemented.. I suspect that this is done so people will get the song burned into their mind, and probably have it in their head for days (until they’re in sudden need of a carpet cleaner, exterminator, deodorant etc….).. So I guess it’s serves its purpose, but it’s soo annoying! Another thing is that they often make commercials about topics I find is a bit disgraceful (funeral homes, life insurance etc..). They ‘play’ with peoples feelings by saying things like ” I care about my family, and don’t want them to suffer financial loss if I suddenly die, so I get funeral cover.” I think that’s just mean…. In Norway, there are more laws on what and how you can say things in commercials, and no commercials play on emotions like this…. They attract people’s attention by humour instead- way better:)

Check out this Netcom commercial- it was the winner of last years” Gullfisken” (- it’s in Norwegian with English subtitles).


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