I’ve been challenged by Mari to:

  1. Write 10 things about myself
  2. Post a picture of one of my best memories and tell the story behind it
  3. Post a picture that I like, and one I don’t like.
  4. Then challenge 5 more =)

So, here goes!

  • I always start reading magazines from the back… (don’t know why, maybe to save the best to last?     ;p)
  • I get touched REALLY easily by movies, gifts, stories, pictures- you name it! (specially during christmas… I even cry to the medisterpoelse commercial- just because it’s so christmasy and nice!)
  • I started studying coincidentally… but now I’m 2 weeks away from a bachelor degree!
  • I said ‘YES” when B proposed after just 1 month… now we’ve been married over 1 year ❤ ! (together for 3 years)
  • I love strawberries- but hate the lumps in strawberry jam, yoghurt etc aka strawberries…:p
  • I’ve lived in 25 flats/houses in my life… (11 before I moved out at 18 y.o., 9  after that in Norway and 5 in Oz)
  • My favorite city in the world is Rome… I’ve been there 3 times- and will def go back!!
  • I have a tattoo on my ankle-  it’s a sun I drew myself (a symbol for Manitou- the Indian sun god…:p)
  • When I was little, I reeeeally wanted to be an Indian like Pocahontas- don’t know why, but it kind of stuck with me a bit (their way of thinking that everything has its own energy etc- therefore the tattoo;p)
  • I’ve never felt patriotic before now that I’ve lived abroad for a few years- now I can’t wait to move back to the country of looong winters, short (but amazing) summers, and potatoes!


A great memory:)

Mine& B’s wedding day 18/07-08

Our closesed friends and family were there, and it was such a romantic and wonderful day…



A picture I like:)

This was taken on new years eve 2006. Caroline supprised me and got back to Oz right in time to celebrate new years! (this is also the night B proposed). Caroline is my very best friend in the world, and I miss her all the time… Luckily we’ll move to Norway soon and I’ll see her a lot more! 🙂

BBQ 007

There’s nothing wrong with this picture, but it was taken the night I lost my new phone, so it reminds me of how clumsy I can be:(

I challenge:

  • Ida
  • May Linn
  • Barbro
  • Sanne
  • Marie ( )

(Just post it of facebook or send it to me and I’ll post it here if you you don’t have blog:)


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