Study week….:s

Party for their life 040Suddenly study week is here… Where did the 13 weeks dissapear to? Have I been asleep for a whole semester? My last 4 exams are coming up, and I have to be a good girl and study…. But I’m just soooooo unmotivated:s I know, the end is near bla, bla, bla, but that’s why I’m so over it!! :s But  it’s only 14 days left until I’M DONE WITH EXAMS AND READING BORING BOOKS FOREVER!! Can’t believe it… but I’m stoked:)

Btw- I over slept today (was planning on getting up super early and read), and was quite stressed about starting to study 2 hours later than I’d planned, but after that I’ve still managed to waste another 2 hours on facebook etc…:s I keep doing the same thing over and over- doing everything BUT studying, and they I get super stressed and have to study non- stop for the rest few days before the exams… So maybe I should actually stop telling you guys about it, and just start reading already?? ;p


One Response to “Study week….:s”

  1. Tante Eva Says:

    ….like most students all over the world….very human. Me and my friends started meeting at the library early morning to get past this “routine” – it worked.:)Cos Cosinus

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