Oh, no!

I had my test at uni, and was wtoked when I finished the test in like 10min, and ran to the student admin to enrol in a summer course. I imagined that I could actually make the 1.30 bus, but then the lady in student admin said I had to hand in the course outline as well, so I ran to the library. Because it’s the last week at uni, and EVERYBODY is finishing their assignments, there were NO computers available- so I stressed around for a while until I found one… When I finally had hurried my way through the online courses, printed it out and handed it in (the computers at uni has probably 100000000000 viruses, so they’re unbelievable slow- takes approx. 15 min just to log in…:s), I saw the bus and ran as fast as my little legs allows me, and just made it to the bus in time. I was very pleased with my efficient day so far, and thought to myself all this extra time I now had to relax before I would have to start getting everything ready for tonight, but nooooooooooooooooo:s I had managed to get on the wrong bus (738- the one that goes thorugh every tiny little suburb before it winds up at Pac fair….). So I decided to get off at Spotlight (where me and ML was yesterday and bought fabric and costumes etc)…. Then I had to wait there for 15 min, before the bus back to uni came, and I waited there for another 15 min before I was FINALLY on the bus from uni on my way home…. It almost felt like one of those nightmares where you never get to the place you’re supposed to…:s But, oh, well- now I’m home, and I’m determined to have a great night!!!! ;p


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