Oh, no! A ‘Diva’ store just opened in Surfers:s I just went to pay rent and return a couple of movies, when I walked passed this beautiful store… divaIt almost looked like paradise, with it’s many colourful accessories in every colour imaginable.. The thing is- like any girl, I love jewellery- and ‘Diva’ even has loads of huge rings (which is my weakness :s). ‘Luckily’ there haven’t been a Diva store in Surfers until now, which have been good because then I haven’t had to walk passed the temptation every day… Before I knew it, I was inside, trying on almost every ring in the store…I just went shopping with B on Sat (and managed to buy 2 rings then as well…), so I didn’t have the conscience to buy more (for now 😉 ).untitled

apple ring 001But suddenly I found a cute ring that was reduced to 3$!! I just had to have it- I mean, 3$ is like what you’d pay for a bottle of diet coke?? It’s a red little apple, with a little gold stem-kind of like the fruity pieces Katy Perry would use- a bit 60ies). So- I did a bargain! 🙂

Check it out for yourself?



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