Halloween costumes..

It’s the end of October, and Halloween is ‘knocking on the door” (‘uuuuuuuh- uh’;p)  I looooooove costume parties! I remember when I was a kid, there was always a reason to dress up- when attending birthday parties, or just when I decided to be a princess for a day:) But they the teenage years kick is, and suddenly its ‘stupid’ to dress up, and years pass without a single costume party… The only event that it’s been oki to dress up is on Halloween, and I’ve celebrated this scaaaaaaaaary event almost every year. My best friend, Caroline, used to have a massive Halloween party at her house ever year. She went totally ‘Halloween- crazy’ and turned every inch of the house into a ghost house (think mannequins floating in the pool, fake spider web EVERYWHERE, fake blood dripping, and bats carefully placed in every nock of the house). It was great- I loved it!! Even though it could be a bit scary going to the bathroom, only to discover that the joint- sauna was’ haunted’ by dolls – scary! She threw the best Halloween parties:)

A few years ago, I was travelling around Europe with my friend Micke. On Halloween, we where on a Greek Island called Corfu, at a backpackers paradise called ‘Pink Palace’. Since there were many Americans there, we though that Halloween would be a huge event, so we decided to create some costumes. We went into the tiny little town, and after having to wait for hours until the siesta was over, we found a little toy store. They didn’t have any Halloween things, but we did find some vampire teeth and a clown make- up kit. We dressed up in whatever we already had (think wearing a singlet as a skirt etc- we were poor backpackers:p), and put on heaps of make-up. I smudged white colour all over my face, and painted my eyebrows black as well as putting in the vampire teeth- perfect;p halloweenWe tried to turn Micke into a ‘sea- woman’ (smudged blue stuff everywhere, and put shells in her hair..). To make the picture clear, we looked horrible, but at least we tried! We walked down to the main area where all the guests had dinner every night, only to discover that we were the ONLY ONES in costumes…. I was horrified…:s Everybody stared, and giggled…. Scared for life!! Hehe- just kidding:p Let’s just say that we stood out from the crowd that night! But all in all, it turned out to be a good night:) Seemed like the others just needed somebody to ‘start’, because after dinner, lots of the people went back to their rooms and tried to get a costume together; one wrapped a towel around his head and wore white guy- panties= snake tamer, another glued a cereal box and plastic knife to his t- shirt= ‘cereal- killer’ etc…

Every year, I’m indecisive about what to wear… You want your costume to be consistent, sewing 008as well as having a new idea each year, and I want it to be a bit scary… I’ve been alternating between being a witch and a vampire each year (except for a couple of years ago when I was a pin- up girl- with corset etc)- so maybe it’s time for a new idea?? I love it though- making a costume and deciding how to put on scary make- up:) I’ve always loved to help my friends with their costumes, make- up and hair, and this event makes it even more fun- this is the only day it’s alright to really experiment and try extreme things!! So now I’m sitting here, trying to turn an old curtain into a costume for Barbro, hoping it will turn out the way she wanted:) Wish me luck!! (I’ll post pictures after the party this weekend:).  

                                                         Trying on Halloween make- up…Scary, huh? ;p

Making Barbro’s costume:  sewing 022

    sewing 016                              Sketches of Barbro’s costume:



2 Responses to “Halloween costumes..”

  1. Barbro Says:

    I’m sure you’ll do an awesome job hon!:):):) soooooo excited about friday!!!

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