Last week @ uni!!

I can’t believe how fast this semester has passed… Feel like I just got back from summer in Norway a few weeks ago! Now it’s week 13, and the last week of lectures before my LAST xam period starts- weeeeeeeeeee!! Even though I know I’ve could have been a much better student, I’ve (almost) managed to finish my degree, and I’m soooo pleased! No it’s soon time to get a ‘real,  grown- up’ job, a flat, family, dog, car etc.. I’m looking forward to this next chapter, but I’m a tad nervous as well..:s What if I can’t find a job I like? What if I find a job I like, but the job doesn’t want me?? IIIIIIIK!! I’m planning on applying to jobs in Norway from December/January- a couple of months before we actually move there- so maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have a few job interviews lined up as soon as  get there! I understand that I can’t be ‘picky’ right out of uni, and that nobody scores their dream job at the first try, so my only two recuirements for my first real job are:

1. It has to be creative in some way (I think I’d wither away in a grey office doing paper work every day:s)

2. It has to be a job I wouldn’t be able to get without my bachelor degree (because then what was the point in doing the degree at all??)

So with this in mind, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open, and look around the different Norwegian job- web sites for the next few months, and hope that I’ll find a job that meet my criteria:) Luck, luck!! – But for now- I have to start studying for my last 4 xams… blae:p


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