Fashion Vampire?

The world has suffered from vampire- mania for a while, and it doesn’t seem like its going to end any time soon… I rarely read books, but picked up the second book of the Twilight- series (as I’d already seen the first movie) at the airport when I left Norway in July. I managed to finish it during the flight, which made the 2o- something hours just ‘fly’ by;p When I landed in Oz, I picked up the next 2 books, and read them within a couple of days- I was completely hooked! For days after I finished the books, I was still completely in the story, and didn’t think about anything else… Strange how ‘captivating’ it can be? I think it’s the whole ‘doomed, but undying love’ that makes it so romantic yet dangerous…:p Apparently I’m not alone about feeling this way, as it seems everybody from teenagers, to middle-aged people and celebrities has endorsed this massive trend. It’s not just the ‘Twilight’ movies and books, but TV- series like ‘True Blood’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’ are also extremely popular. I haven’t watched Vampire Diaries, but I did watch all the True Blood episodes in a couple of weeks (I did say I was hooked- its addictive! :p). Now the Vampire- trend has expanded to the fashion industry as well, and lots of the bigger fashion houses (ex. Chanel and Prada) were showing vampire or gothic- inspired fashion, make- up and accessories during fashion week. Here are some pictures that shows this trend:


                                                           hihi- Dita Von Teese looks tiny here next to the tall models!!  :p










Lily Allen makes the Vampire look with black lips look cute by wearing flower print:)

numero-0905-02-01     a5391a7faf980591_Kim_Kardashian_Shows_Us_A_Twilight_Vampire_Inspired_Makeup_Look


Vampire make- up can be a tinsy bit ‘daunting’, but you don’t have to go all the way- just wear dark plum lipstick, and stay out of the sun for a while? 😉


4 Responses to “Fashion Vampire?”

  1. Tim Says:

    Not you too!!! Caroline is reading the books for a second time. She is obsessed!

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      hehe:p Maybe u should read them urself? Might supprise urself and join the vampire- fans;)

  2. Eilin Says:

    English I guess? I’m reading your blog for the first time, and what do I find? More vampire geeks! I love it! I’m also completely obsessed with this new trend and I can’t seem to shake it off. Like you, I picked up the first Twilight book when flying to Norway from Hawai’i this summer and read the rest of them within the next two weeks. After that, to manage my craving for dead bloodsucking creatures, I was glued to my computer screen wathcing True Blood for hours every night. Sooo addictive. I was gonna go as vampire this Halloween but didn’t quite know what style to pick, but thanks to you I got some inspiration:) So thanks a bunch, and good luck with your costume:)

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Hi Eilin! hehe- love that ur a ‘vampire- geek’ as well;p I’m sooooooooo sad ’cause I’ve finished watching the 2 seasons of True Blood, and the next season won’t start until mid- 2010:( What to do in the mean time?! At least ‘New Moon’ will be at the movies soon;) I’m going as a bat for Halloween! Thought it would be cool, since I still get to be vampire-ish, but with wings as well! ;p Let me know how ur costume turns out, and have a great Halloween! 🙂

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