INDY- it’s that time of year again…

indy2Once a year there’s ‘Indy’ in Surfers. I’m not sure of the definition of Indy, but for a person that doesn’t care about cars (even if they’re fast), it’s just a car race which seems to give people the reason to act like idiots… There’s a few races every day, and miss Indy girls walking around in bikinis all weekend… So as you probably understand, this would be a guy’s dream… :p I think it’s around 100 000 people that come here to watch the race for 4 days every year. After the races are done for the day, all these people head from the tracks into Surfers all hyped up on testosterone (I think even the few women that watch Indy get effected by this cloud of testosterone) to get wasted…. Even though our house is about 6 streets away from the tracks, I can hear the ‘zoom-zoom’ from the cars from 7 am every morning, and it’s almost impossible to do anything else… I guess that I get that it’s fun for people that are interested in this sort of thing, and I would love to be one of them, but sadly, I’m just not interested… I kind of wish I was, because it looks fun to be a part of something like this, and just be in the atmosphere and be exited about who wins etc. For me, it’s the same with football and other games. It looks great to be part of a group that supports a team, scream of the top of your lungs and share these experiences together, but I’m just sooooooooo not interested in any sport (except maybe figure skating??) Sorry, I’m just a very girly- girl, and unless the contestants are wearing cute outfits, or doing twirls (on ice or in dancing shoes), it’s just not worth watching…:p The reason that I’m dislike this event so much, is not that I’m a feminist or a party- pooper… I did actually live and work on a hostel on the race tracks my first year here, and I worked at a nightclub in Surfers. But after my boss at the hostel told the girl- employees that he preferred us to flirt with the guys that stayed there, and wear bikinis 24/7, and several men pinched my bum in the bar at night, I’ve grown to hate this event (and I off course told my boss that he could wear the bikini himself)! indy

So in order to be able to stay out of town this whole weekend (luckily Broadbeach is not far away if I feel like going out, catch a movie or do something else outside the house), I’m walking into town today to pay rent, buy some groceries (and earplugs), so I can hide at home until it’s all over:p


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