Mad cow..

I just handed in my last assignment- ever! The assignment was in PR and the topic was mad cow’s disease… (what’s with the weird topic? In a course like PR, it should be easy as to come up with a topic most students would find interesting?) My poor friends have been forced to listen to my wining about the disgusting articles I’ve had to read…. Blaeh! I’ve never had a problem writing assignments, but I’m a slooooooooow starter…. There always seem to be something more fun to spend my time doing! This semester I have to say that I’ve been a bit more unmotivated than normal, and it’s taken me a lot longer to start…. I happened to catch a cold the week before the assignment was due, but luckily, I got an extension… However, did I start on it right away so I wouldn’t be stressed? -off course not… I made a dress instead, and all of a sudden, I was back to being stressed with only a few days to finish the paper… But, I actually managed to finish in time, (without a minute to spare), and it feels good!!!! Now I only have a presentation, 1 mini test, 4 exams, and then it’s vacation!! 🙂


2 Responses to “Mad cow..”

  1. australiamari Says:

    I found the way you described the article quite entertaining! Especially the name of the city. Your dress turned out great, I’m guessing it was worth it all the way! 😀 Nice blog, btw 🙂

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Hi Mari! Thank’s:) I’m so glad that assignment is over- only 3 more weeks of uni now, and vacation!! Weeeee! 🙂 Great that u liked the dress- I’m gong to post pics of some more of my dresses soon as well- so just look in every now and then;)

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