A little friend:)

marleyI just watched the movie “Marley & me”- if you love dogs, this is going to warm your heart! (I couldn’t stop crying- such a sweet movie…). It got me thinking of my Labrador Pandora that I got when I moved to my dad when I was 13. Labrador’s eat A LOT, and need plenty of exercise in order to stay healthy, and because Pandora was quit strong (she ran with me in tow on the leash behind her), it made it extremely difficult to manage. As much as it devastated me at the time, we finally decided to give her up, and gave her to an old, sweet couple that had just lost their own dog- and I know she was happy… But we didn’t give up, and a while later, we got Hobby- a beautiful little Jack Russel terrier:) She was the cutest little thing, and certainly had her own personality! She was kind of a little weirdo-  a bit short legs, a tinsy bit chubby- and with the biggest heart in the world… We all just adored her:) She had puppies 3 times, and we decided on keeping one of the puppies, and Buffy became the next member of our family:) It wasn’t until we had Buffy, that we understood that dogs can have as different personalities as humans. Hobby had a bit of a shy attitude, and always kind of wagged her tale while giving the paw- just to be sure not have left anything out;) Buffy is a whirlwind- sooo much energy! She even ‘talks’… She doesn’t bark or whimper like most dogs, she talks.. It sound a bit like Japanese or something, and it’s just hilarious:p When I left for Australia 3 years ago, Hobby had started to get sick.. After a few months, my dad told me that she had to be put down as she was hurting and wasn’t herself anymore… It just breaks my heart that I didn’t get to say goodbye, but it would be selfish of me to ask her to wait for me… It wasn’t until I saw this movie, that I understood how unbelievable hard it must have been for my dad to bring her to the vet…. Nobody wants their little best friend to leave, and that’s what she was… a beautiful little star… Norway & Hua hin 2009 063One line from the movie says “ A dog doesn’t care if you’re young or old, rich or poor, smart or dumb… Just give it your heart, and it will surly give you it’s heart back…” I know dogs can be a handful, and that it’s a big responsibility that shouldn’t be underestimated, but I have decided years ago that I want to get my own little puppy when I move back to Norway in March… It will be horrible to love the little cutie so much, and know that they don’t last as long as humans, but all the love and memories will make it worth it:)


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