shoes 003Like many girls, I absolutely loooooooooooove shoes- I mean, I ADORE them! Here in Oz shoes are some much cheaper than back home (like most things), and because it’s summer all year around, there’s always lots of strappy sandals, pumps and wedges in all colours imaginable… I already have about 35 shoes down here (!!), but I never seem to get enough… A bit of an intoxicated night a few weeks ago, I managed to loose the strap of one of my black T-bar heels, and decided to throw them away on the way home… That would never have happened anywhere else, because normally you don’t take your shoes off at the end of the night and walk home barefoot… But since Surfers is like a holiday resort, and the streets get washed every night, there’s no reason to walk the extra 200 metres in the heels home. So because I decided to do this particular night, I managed to loose one of the straps of my heels… and how was I supposed to be able to wear them without the strap? So ever since then, I have been one pair of black heels short… (I have another pair, but it’s a different style…). But a couple of weeks ago, I found a pair of black heels, not completely unlike the once I lost,


shoes 002but actually way better:) I was stoked, but because they cost $80 (which is a lot here considering that you can buy shoes for half the price or less), and I had just been to Melbourne for the weekend and spent a lot of money, I decided to wait for a bit… But today, after having my mini- exam, I decided to go to Harbour Town (a little outlet- place, with cute little streets where they have the same stores as other places, but cheaper). I walked into Famous footwear (a shoe-a-holics paradise- my friend Marie bought 6 pairs in one go when she was here for my wedding last year), and I found the perfect pair of black heels! They’re actually comfy (which is quite rare with heels), and they were only $40- absolutely perfect:) Black heels, check! The thing is that they had them in silver and gold as well… Not the tacky- GOLD, but kind of vintagy- gold.. Since I already have two pairs of silver shoes, I decided that I’d go for the gold ones as well… After all, how often do you find shoes this great? And because I originally was going to buy the $80 ones, I figured I got two pairs for the price of one- perfect!


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