I don’t mind being in the ‘spotlight’ or getting attention, and gladly speak to everybody that cares to listen about whatever comes to mind, but when it comes to presentations at uni, it’s a different story… Keep in mind that we didn’t really have that many oral presentations at my high school in Norway, and because I went to a performing arts school, if we did, it was usually in the form of dancing and performing rather than speeches- which I don’t mind at all (and I graduated 6 years ago…). At uni I’ve been ‘forced’ to have between 2 and 5 presentations every semester (usually in a group, but sometimes alone). I can prepare all I want, but it’s still pretty nerve wrecking…

I think the reason for the nerves is that we’re getting marked on it, and sometimes the class even gets the chance to write their opinions on a piece of paper that we later get back as an additio to the feedback from the teacher… So I stand there, in front of 25 yawning students, trying to make a quit boring topic as interesting as possible, while trying to be funny and not talk too quickly (which is my ‘curse’:s). Normally it goes quite well, and is over before I know it, but still, I really do not care much for them…. What amazes me, is that the Australians that I’m in groups with, seem way more nervous than me- and why? They’re used to it from high school (which ended approximately 2 years ago), and it’s even their first language… I mean, even though I feel confident in English, I have a broader vocabulary in Norwegian, and would be able to talk my way back into it if I lost my lines… If I get stuck now, I’m always kind of lost for words, and it takes a lot of explaining and detours before I’m back on the subject… So I always try to be the ‘creative’ person in the group- come up with activities, videos etc to make it more interesting to watch, and it works:p

I know that good presentation skills is going to be essential when I’m starting my career within marketing (or whatever), so I get why it’s important, but then I will present something I worked my butt off for, and that I presumably believe in (and get paid for:p), rather than weird topics from the textbook in class… And if I have the choice between presenting for a room full of old directors or a claSannes bday &Brissy 040ssroom full of teenagers, I’ll choose the oldies any time…



This time we had a presentation for a organic make- up brand we called ‘Inspired’- at least we got to choose an interesting topic! The colour of the brand was purple, so we all wore purple tops and whits skirts… Fancy, hu? ;p


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