Surfers is full of bars and clubs, but I still seem to manage to go to the same places every weekends… Waxy’s, Fiddlers and Melbas… When I went to East in Broadbeach last week, a couple of people I knew asked me “Sina, is it really you? I thought you only go to Melbas”.. I figured it was about time I experienced something new… Due to this, ML and I decided to go to Brissy last weekend to visit a friend there. We only stayed over night, but had heaps of fun! We made fajitas before we had some pre- drinks at Anja’s place. She lives with 3 Asian students, which even though they’re very western, don’t drink or party like we do. After a couple of hours (and we started to get a bit tipsy), they came home with a bunch of friends and sat down to play board games in the living room. Sannes bday &Brissy 027You could see the balcony where we were at from there, and we got a bit embarrassed due to our consumption of alcohol (even though we don’t drink too excessively, to people that NEVER drink, we probably seem like alcoholics), and therefore didn’t even want to go to the bathroom because we were scared of tripping over their games etc. But all of a sudden ML (poor thing) walked straight into the glass door with a big bang! One of Anja’s roomies came running out, and there we were standing tomato red and embarrassed with ML’s glass all over the floor… To all fairness, the glass was remarkable clean, and had been open the whole night, but still, a sober person rarely walks straight into glass doors… As I’ve said before, I’m a bit clumsy, so I was just happy that for once it wasn’t me:p


After this incident, we decided it was about time we went out, and headed for downtown Brissy. I haven’t been to Brisbane more than a couple of times, and really loved to be in a real city again (Surfers is more like a holiday- paradise like Gran Canaria or Ibiza..). Apparently we only went to two different nightclubs that night, but because each place had multiple levels with different music, live bands (and even an outdoor terrace) it felt like at least 5 places (the places in Surfers are a lot smaller:p). We had a lot of fun, and for once we didn’t wind up at Melbas:p

Sannes bday &Brissy 021


Girls- trip! 🙂


One Response to “Brissy!”

  1. ML Says:

    Jeg vakke full…. jeg var beautiful 🙂 Ps…fine oeyne du hadde tegnet paa, hehe!

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