I lost my phone- again:s

 I’m a bit clumsy, and also the type of person that can walk around for 30 min looking for my wallet while I having it in my hand… I have also managed to break two cameras, two mp3 players an external hard drive (which contained A LOT of important stuff) and countless of cell phones while I’ve been in Australia… I also don’t know a single person who has managed to demagnetise and loose more credit card or wallets, and even though you probably think now that I’m a very careless person- I actually try to take good care of my stuff… I just happen to be in situations where weird things happen- and for a long time I got worked up about it, and let it ruin my day/night/ week. Now, after I’ve been like this my whole life, I’ve given up letting it get to me, and I just sigh and move on. So the other day when I went out, I managed to loose my phone again… This particular phone was a gift from B (after I had been complaining about my then current phone which was acting weird after about 6 months- i.e. jumping over words and adding a million spaces when I was texting…:p). I loved my phone- a pink, slide phone from LG- and it even had the three extra Norwegian letters! It was so much easier to not have to write ae, aa and oe, and I loved my cute phone… Then I managed to loose it… I mean, who would have an interest in another person’s phone anyways? It’s not like it was an expensive Iphone or anything, and I’m using Optus prepaid, so it’s not like the phone- stealer can call to China or whatever and then let the minutes spent talking to distant relatives in faraway countries being sent to me… The phone was even turned off straight away, and without my pin, the wouldn’t be able to use my credit anyways (I just topped up 50$ a couple of hours before I lost it- typical?). The only person a phone is really important to is the person who owns it- because of all the numbers I have on it! I do believe in karma (do to others as you want others to do to you), and every time I’ve found a wallet, credit card or cell phone, I’ve called yellow pages and made an effort to get it back to it’s rightful owne. This has actually happened to me a few times, so I thought that because of this ‘Good Samaritan’- effort on my behalf, the person that would eventually find my phone/wallet/ credit card etc would return it to me- but no! There’s a lot of meanies out there, people!


Sigh…  I went to Optus today and asked for a new simcard (after my friend Marie said that she’s done it before:)- and finally got my simcard with the same number:) The credit was even transferred- so I’m stoked! The only thing now, is to gather all my friends numbers again, and I’ll be happy as a clamJ For now, I’ll just keep using my weird little old phone, because I would hate to buy another phone, and possible loose it again:s

BBQ 024



So I went from this pink cutie…….                                            Back to this one…


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