In my philosophical corner..

I consider myself to be an open and somewhat ‘spiritual’ person. By that I mean that I am very curious about life- why things happen the way they do, faith- how a small thing can have a tremendous effects without any particular reason for why this happens, why certain people seem to have a major impact on your life, why something just feels right etc. What I mean is that I just know that there’s more between heaven and earth that what we can see or touch. With that being said, I feel like this ‘spiritualness’ is just a part of who I am- the way I make my choices, the way I interact with other people and the way I look at life itself. I rarely feel the need to talk about this with other people, and when I do, it’s with people that are as curious as I am. But sometimes, I start to think about where I am right now in my life- all these people I’m lucky to call my friends, my studies, the place I live… How much of this is accidental, and how much of it was meant to be? For you who know me, you know that I’ve always made my choices based on what feels right, rather than weigh the pro’s and con’s of what’s the most sensible choice. I know people have sometimes worried about me- scared that I would make the wrong choice (like staying in Oz for a guy I’d met 2 weeks before with no money or return ticket), but I’ve never worried:) Sometimes I have ended up in a different place than I thought, but I have never regretted a thing in my life… When one door has slammed shut, another has always opened- and every time what’s been on the other side of that door has been way better than what I left behind:) Doesn’t that mean that living by following your gut- feeling is working? Along the way, I’ve meet heaps of people that have influenced me in a small or big way, and who without, I wouldn’t be the person I am right now. I’m not one of those people that think that the way I think, and the way I live is necessarily the right way for everyone, and that everybody should do what I do, I’m only saying that it works for me:) But when I hear about people that feel ‘stuck in a root’ and wake up one morning in a life they never wanted, or people that feel like their whole lives has passed them by, and they have a zillion things left on their bucket list remaining un- ticked (i.e. list over things you want to do before you die)- at least I know I’ll never be one of them. I do try to live each day to the fullest- and even though I watch TV, and have my lazy days, all in all I try to live my life as the main character rather than just as an extra in the movie called my life…:)


Me- thinking about the wonders of life:p


One Response to “In my philosophical corner..”

  1. Sissel Says:

    Hei Sina!
    Igjen: Du skriver veldig godt!
    Jeg satt og tenkte på deg her, og på det du skriver.
    Hva med å samle alle dine refleksjoner i en bok? Du skriver levende, og folk kjenner seg lett igjen i temaene dine, jeg regner med at du får mye positiv respons fra vennene dine også. Du har en solklar kreativ åre også i skrivingen, og “Livet som Sina, student i Paradis ” er ikke noe dumt tema for en bok. Uansett, lykke til, og stå på. Jeg heier på deg, i livet og med studiene.
    Hils til B, om du vil-
    Masse glad i deg , alltid!
    Kos, mamma

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