Never go to the grocery store hungry:s

The last few weeks, me and B have gotten ourselves into somewhat of a Sunday routine. We live in paradise, and I still have my little sun-deprived- Norwegian inside me screaming that I should be outside when it’s sunny- but after 3 years of summer and sun, I’ve started to stay inside every now and then. Me& B have been quit a busty couple lately, with little time for relaxing during the week, and because we go out most Saturdays we therefore enjoy sleeping in on Sunday mornings. When we do get up, we realise that our fridge is completely empty (unless you count half- full bags of goon, some dry pasta, ketchup and frozen veggies), and that we HAVE to head for the store before having breakfast… This happens every Sunday, and we never learn…

I’m a person with fast metabolism, which means that I wake up starving most mornings, and never skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day!) So when I’m forced to walk into town (5 min- but anyways), and walk around the grocery store trying to remember what we need while trying not to faint of hunger (drama queen:p), I start getting a bit inpatient (i.e. grumpy). Most people know that when you go grocery shopping when hungry, you wind up with a lot of weird stuff- and nothing of what you really need… So we wind up with lots of foods we can eat right away (that are neither healthy nor smart), like snacks, juice, and chicken strips from the deli and a lot of foods that doesn’t ‘fit’ together… (Like chicken and rice for tikka masala, but no actual tikka masala, oatmeal, but no milk etc).

So we ‘stuff ourselves’ the whole day, and then have to try to be creative and come up with new meals the rest of the week (or go back to the store and buy all the things we forgot but then wind up spending twice as much money…). After the grocery shopping is done, everything is packed away and we have eaten, half the day is already gone, and since we’re so full after we finally have eaten, we decide to watch movies and then it’s Monday again and we’re back to our busy schedules..

Our dinner the last couple Sunday have been steak with potato puffs, broccoli, mushrooms and dry berneasauce that I can mix with soymilk so I’m not allergic to it (I found it at a store with an European section!!) YUM!

after party 070


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