Crazy weather?!

The weather on the Gold Coast is something else… We do have 287 sunny days a year, and an average temperature of 28 in summer (21 in winter), but the other 77 days in the year, the weather is pretty crazy… A few months ago (just around mid- May when my friend Alida was visiting me- typical:p), we had a freak storm, where half the sand on the beach drifted out to sea, and it looked likes this:

ALida in oz 085

 It didn’t last more than a week’s time, but during that week, we had like a million lighting hits, and trees were falling over everywhere… Our flat is in a 3 story building a couple of streets from Q1 (the tallest residential tower in the world with 79 stories), and when the lightening strikes- it always hits the Q1 (because of the lightening diverters). I guess that makes us pretty safe down here, but whit all that noise, I’m always scared the whole tower will collapse, and in that case- crush our little house… :s Iiiiiiiiiiik!

This is a picture of the lightening hitting Q1: (scary, hu??)

storm sp

 Now, for the first time since I’ve been here, we now how a dust storm. I don’t know why it happened, because when ML and I were out walking this morning, it looked kind of like this:

sunny 2

 I heard on the news an hour later that a dust- storm was swiping across Sydney (1.5 hours away by plane, so pretty far away), from the desert in South Australia or something, but the it was all of a sudden in Brisbane (1 hour away by car)- and then it here… When I went for lunch to meet Sanne, Surfers looked like this (-weird??):

dusty 001

 I guess it’s just my Norwegian nature of complaining about the weather that gives me the urge to say its too hot when it’s summer (even though I lay in the sun all day tanning), too windy, too clammy or too cold (when it drops to 12 at night in “winter)… When I actually live in Paradise, and most of the year we have clear skies, and beautiful sunsets like this:)

sunset sp


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