Scavenger hunt!!

Scav. Hunt 09 091My third Scavenger hunt in Oz:) The first year I was on a team dressed as 60’ies girls, last year Cheerleaders and this year I’m the event manager for ANSA and all of us on the posts dressed up as pirates. It’s been weeks with planning all the details (games, riddles, picture lists, alcohol, costumes, post- locations etc), and it all came together last Sunday. I got up early, put on my costume, and headed to ML & Barbro’s for a pre- meeting. We were all exited little pirates, and by the time we got all the alcohol and games to the 6 different posts, we were almost vibrating with excitement:p Me, Karen and Helene went to register all the 13 teams, and rushed back to our different posts to get ready to greet the first teams.  At my and ML’s post, we had a group relay (stafett), and a quiz. The relay started with a chocolate& vodka shot, before a summer salt (tumble), run around a tree 10 times, zigzag between cones before the next person had to start. We had sooooooo much fun, it seemed like the teams had as well as we got lots of good feedback:) Some little thing’s always happens, but we got help from Julia at our post- I don’t know what we would have done without her because it got quite busy! As long as the alcohol was flowing, and the games kept going, people seemed pleased:p


 My scavenger hunt costume 07, 08 and 09:

                                                                                               sannes pics 257sc07


Some pictures from this year’s scavenger hunt:

Scav. Hunt 09 097Scav. Hunt 09 001












Scav. Hunt 09 055


3 Responses to “Scavenger hunt!!”

  1. Sanna Says:

    Så liiite gøy ut da, Sina!! En fest jeg gjerne skulle vært med på!! 🙂 Høres ut som om det er bra med deg!! Me like!! 🙂

    Klemmer ❤

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Hehe- var en suuuuuuuuuper artig dag!! Jeg har lest litt i bloggen din ogsaa- morro aa foelge med litt paa dine sprell;) Klem!!

  2. Kelli Garner Says:

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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