“The curse of the black coffee…”

     cooffee2I have kind of a routine every morning (as do most people). I get easily addicted to caffeine, so if I’ve had a cup every morning for a couple of days, I’m half- dead without it. I’ve had quite a lot to do lately, so my black coffee in the morning is crucial in order to function in doing assignments, ANSA etc. After I’ve had my oatmeal, I wait patiently for the coffee to cool down (so I can drink it) while I check my facebook. The only problem is that I tend to wait too long- so when I finally take a sip, it’s gone cold… There’s nothing that tastes quite as bad as cold, black coffee, so I then sigh, before I head to the microwave to heat it up. I never seem to get the time rights, so again it’s too hot, and I continue ‘wasting’ time on facebook while I wait for it to cool again… As you can imagine, this usually happens a few times before I give up and drink it cold. Think of all the time I’ve wasted waiting for the coffee to cool? You might wonder why I don’t do my assignments instead of facebook when I’m waiting – and the reason is this; If my addiction to caffeine turns me into a zombie- like creature so much that I can’t ever remember to drink the coffee in the first place, do you really think I’m awake enough to do anything else? Harsh reality- but I’ll probably continue this ‘evil’ circle’ until they invent some kind of coffee- cooler

(or I check in to rehab for a caffeine- addiction:p Imagine the weird looks I’d get if I where to rock up to an AA meeting, proclaiming loudly “Hi, I’m S, and I’m a caffeinaholic”…). I know its silly being irritated over these little things when there’s so much bad stuff going on in the world, but this is actually starting to get quite annoying… Any suggestions? ;p


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