So little time…

I remember the feeling that everything took forever when I was little… Waiting for school to be over so the summer vacation could start, for my family to wake me up with cake and presents on my birthday, or for Christmas to come… But now, when in my mid- twenties, I’m perfectly happy for the time to pass a bit slower… that would give me more time to do everything I have to do! I just realised that it’s already week 7 at uni- halfway in my last semester, and I have a million things to do but there’s not enough hours in the day to get it all done… I have to add that I know I’m not the most structured person, and could probably get a lot more done if:

a) facebook didn’t exist

b) I was interested in what I’m studying and could hold my attention on i.e. strategic marketisurfersng simulation long enough to read a whole page before spacing out

c) I didn’t live in a place where it’s sunny all year and because I’m Norwegian I have a built in urge to be outside when the sun’s out (it’s a necessity back home- because we only get a few weeks of summer each year…)


My friends that have finished their studies keep telling me to ‘enjoy being a student while it lasts’ because apparently we’ll all be deep in work and everyday life soon enough… I just feel that if I spent my days sewing clothes, drawing or being creative, I would feel a lot happier? I really hope that I get a job that I’ll enjoy when I finally finish my degree… I would love nothing more than to wake up every morning, exited about the content of my day to come, and actually look forward to it… My parents always told me that ‘life can’t always be fun, and that it’s healthy to be bored every now and then’, but why? I always thought that life should be fun- that it’s supposed to be lived to its fullest! “Find something you love to do, and do nothing else….” I mean- life’s short, and it can end in an instant, so shouldn’t we make the best of it the little time we have here? I don’t mean that everybody should be lazing around  and be couch- potatoes without any meaning or purpose in their life, I mean that everybody should find out what is right for them, what makes them happy- and do only that:)

I just became event manager, and I love it…. I love the planning, the ideas, working with people, and create some fun in people’s lives… Maybe I should have studied event management instead??


 It seemed to be so much easier to live 100 years ago… If you’re parents where farmers- then you would spend your life on the farm as well (or maybe the neighbours farm if the boy there decided to marry you…) But now, we have all kinds of possibilities and the choice to do pretty much whatever we want- study overseas, backpacking through Asia and live a life of adventure in the quest to ‘find yourself’…. It’s great, don’t get me wrong- I feel exceptionally lucky to be from a country which enables me to become whatever I want, but it’s so hard to choose! I feel indecisive, and that ‘time is running out”…. By mid- twenties, your supposed to have a certain idea of what you want in life, and how to get there, so how come I’m still so confused? Will this be me graduating in a few months?Hmmm…but now that I’m so close to finishing my degree, it would be stupid to quit, so maybe I should get back to the books then….?












Will this be me graduating in a few months?


One Response to “So little time…”

  1. Sissel Says:

    Du skriver godt! Jeg tror på deg! Lykke til, og stå på! Jeg vet at du vil finne din vei midt oppi alt dette, og kjenne at dette, det er deg, og at du får bruke alle dine sider og kvaliteter. Veien blir til mens man går også, nye dører åpner seg ettersom man utvikles, får erfaring, og kjenner enda mer hva man elsker å gjøre. Gled deg over dagen i dag, og ha forventning til det som er rundt neste svig, som du ikke helt vet hva er ennå.
    Og om lesing, gi deg selv små premier når du har lest ut kapittel/ bok etc, at nå har du faktisk gjort ferdig denne, og jobben så langt er gjort!
    Lykke til med alt sammen!
    Igjen, tror på deg, og heier på deg!
    Masse kos, mamma

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