The beginning

3 years ago I arrived in Melbourne with my best friend C. We had just been travelling through Bali, Singapore and Malaysia, and after a couple of weeks at home, we decided that it was time to go travelling again. There was plenty of different reasons for this impulsive and rush decision, but all in all I think I was just a bit restless, and didn’t want to settle down without having seen a bit more of the world first. I remember feeling envious of people from bigger, throbbing cities around the world, and always felt kind of inapt at home… I’ve always been quite open- minded and outgoing, and even though plenty of Norwegians fit this description, the overall norm is to be a bit more reserved and ‘closed- up’… After I’d been travelling a lot the last few years, I didn’t feel like I belonged at home anymore, and was happy to start a new adventure down under. I didn’t know much about Australia except that they had kangaroos and surfing, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that they have easy- going, friendly people, cheap shopping, great weather and that Australia is home to people with from all over the world. After a couple of weeks in Melbourne, wes&c06 ended up on the G.C. after discovering that the weather here is much warmer throughout the year, and I’ve been here ever since. I never used my return- ticket scheduled for 3 months later (I actually didn’t even try to change the date- I just didn’t show up ‘cause I was scared somebody would talk me into leaving… what a waste of money:p) So now, I’m still here- happy as a clam on the G.C.3 years into my stay…:)


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