17th May: Happy Norway day!

17 may 08On Sunday it’s the Norwegian national day- or as we call it  ’17th May’ (original, huh?). It will be my third celebration of the spectacular day here in Oz, and I’m so looking forward to it! It’s weird that out of all my years as a Norwegian, I wouldn’t  truly enjoy the celebration before I went overseas… Back home it was just another day off school or work, but here it’ slike the main event of the year:) We’re going to some friends for champagne breakfast at 7am (the only day I  ever get up that early!)- before we’re leaving on the bus to Brisbane for the parade:) Hehe- I remember feeling a bit embarrased last year- hundreds of Norwegians walking in a parade through Brisbane city, waiving our flags, singing and yelling ‘Hurra!!’ from the top of our lungs, while all the poor Brisbane- people are looking extremely annoyed while they have to wait to cross the street until we’re all gone…. But we had fun! A big beer- tent was put up outside QT uni, and we gathered together in happily fashion, drinking, singing and drinking some more… After a few hours (when the kegs were empty), we G.C. people headed back to our beloved Surfers for some more Norwegian fun:)

This year my good friend Alida will join us, ’cause she’s decided to finally come to visit me down under:) This year will be the best ever! I’ve had the busiest semester so far, and have pretty much been sitting inside writing assignments for several weeks now, so that’s probably a part of why I’m overly exited about the celebrations this year:) 

My dear husband B has been celebrating this event with me every year down here, and even though I think he finds the whole celebration a bit strage, he’s learned to enjoy it;)


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