Us Norwegians on the G.C.

When I went over to the Gold Coast a couple of years ago, I thought I as a Norwegian was pretty ‘exotic’ being from a county as far away from Australia as possible. Little did I know that I’m just one of thousands of scandinavians travelling over here every year, and it wasn’t until I started uni here that I discovered how many we actually are here. Suddenly I couldn’t see Surfers for anything but blond people with a massive tan (cause in Norway we still have something called the ozon layer, so we’re too ignorant to know that the sun may actually cause skin cancer and various forms for miss colouring etc, so we’ll live happily not knowing, and will all probably look like raisins by the time we’re 30)… Norwegians are seriously everywhere on the G.C. On the bus I can sneakily evesdrop on other Norwegians conversations cause they think they’re speaking a language nobody else understands on the bus (plenty of times this has backfired, and I’ve been the one chatting to my norwegian friends about various subject you don’t want anybody to hear, and suddenly been interupted by a giggle from a fellow Norwegian listening in…). We even have our own Norwegian student club, and we party together like there’s no tomorrow, and scare the poor Australians with our skaaling and other mischief around Surfers… But I have to say tho- the reason I decided to study here in the first place was because of the weather, so it’s not so weird that other Norwegians have thought about the same! I still get a kick out of letting my friends at home now exactly how hot it is down here ( specially when it’s raining there- hihi:P) And by having so many other Norwegians down here, it’s almost like being at home! Yohooo!!!


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