A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear…

Yesterday I was going out for a few drinks with some friends. I get easily distracted, and often start getting ready waaaaaay too late (because I start doing weird things right before it’s time to go, like sorting out the kitchen cubborn, adding photo’s on facebook or call somebody I haven’t talked to for ages…)  So when the time comes to get ready, I’m already running late, and I should just grab something from my overstuffed closet and throw it on before I run out the door- but that never happens… I’m one of those girls that has kind of a shopping problem… I never spend much money on each item, but I buy something new almost every week so it all adds up. I came to Aus as a backpacker only two years ago, and only had about one bag of clothes, but since then , I’ve managed to, not only build up a whole new closet filled with stuff, but even a couple of bags are packed away filled with stuff I don’t wear anymore. I have tons of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, belts, bags and scarfs, so how come I never seem to have anything to wear?? I can have a whole outfit planned in my head prior to the day, but when I try it on, something dosn’t feel quit right. I can wake up one day and feel like wearing a bright colour like pink, but then I might try it on and feel like I look too big, short, boring, childish, and decide to change into something completly different. This usually ends with me going through 10 different outfits before I (usually) end up wearing the very same thing that I started with.. Why is that? I look the same every day, so how come a dress can look great one day, and horrible the next? This is one of the great mysteries in life…:P It makes me feel quit bad, being so ‘vain’ and care so much about something that shouldn’t be important at all when there’s poverty and sickness in the world- and I would love being one of those girls that look great right after they get out of bed, and only need to jump into whatever and still look amazing… Like those surfer girls in the commercials- ‘natural’ looking and gorgeous:) Well, really I’m a lucky girl to have a closet full of clothes, and the oppertunity to mix and match different items and styles to whatever mood I’m in each particular day:)


One Response to “A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear…”

  1. Kristelle Jade Lapuz Says:

    I love your closets!!!! Wow, I wish I had the same closet like yours. Can you give me some clothes?? 🙂 LOL

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