themeparties is a funny thing..  I remember getting dressed up in princess costumes etc when I was little, but after the age of 11 the whole costume thing was seen as ‘childish’, and we all wanted to have cool parties with slow dancing and pizza instead. For years, the only time of year I dresses up, was Halloween, and even then, half the guests showed up in normal clothes declaring that they dressed up as their mate.. haha:P  But for some reason, the table has now turned; when I started Uni here in Aus, every weekend is a different themeparty… To have a ‘normal’ party now, is almost considered to be boring and uncreative, and we’re all worried we’ll pick a theme for our birthday party that has already been ‘used’ We’re all in our twenties, but are using the time between our classes to travel all over the Gold Coast to find the perfect set of wings, a fake nose, glow in the dark paint, yellow pantyhose and so fourth… Don’t get me wrong- I love dressing up, and any occation will do, but do you have any idea how much this is costing? Most of the stuff we wear, can never be used again, because god forbid, who would show up wearing the same outfit twice! So when I finish my studies here in about a year, my bag will be overpacked with viking helmets, feather bohas, wigs, tiaras and hippie clothes. And the sad thing is, back home, we will probably go back to ‘normal’ parties, and the costumes will never be used again… With that in mind, I’ll enjoy these theme parties more than ever before- ’cause we’ll ‘grow up’ soon enough:)


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